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The Feeders represents a menu consisting of delicious flatbread pitas filled with all from local, juicy meat to vegan, tasty deliciousness. Our aim is to serve our clients one meal that is packed with all the nutrition a festival goer would benefit from; vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, proteins & positive energy. The Feeders itself comes with a mysterious, black and sexy look built by the owner using mostly reclaimed material claimed on markets around Benelux. All our staff are highly trained in speed, accuracy & customer relations (we always have at least one supervisor on that is trained in HACCP and the National “Hygiene Code”). All the flavours in our pitas are tested and tasted several times before the get onto our menu, leaving the consumer with a meal they will late forget.


Ook leuk en lekker

Acai Smoothie & Fruit

Smoothies zoals Smoothies zouden moeten zijn, exotisch fruit uit Brazilië met bio sap uit de polder

Cocos Locos

De Tropische Verrassing op elk evenement. “Bringing the Island Vibe”

De Pieper Mobiel

De Pieper Mobiel is een waanzinnige houten aardappel die wordt getrokken door een brandweerauto.