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FFCB - French Food Crepes Bretonnes

The FFCB (French Food Crêpes Bretonnes) is a mobile restaurant I have developed for festivals.

Everything on the stall has been designed to make it a beautiful place where people could eat and take a break, as in a French restaurant, but the funniest French restaurant in Europe (so all around the world !).

My specialty is Crêpes, a typical Breton sort of thin pancake. We offer it in sweet and salty form. Only one is enough for a light meal.
We propose different kinds of dishes. Moreover we also offer menus for vegetarian and vegan customers.
Crêpes are a culinary specialty of my home region, which explains why I am always so enthusiastic about getting people from other places to discover and taste this typical dish.

A warm welcome will be given to all customers in my restaurant, wich is luminous, cozy, and pleasant. Furthermore a large place is given to tables and benches, that can accommodate 30 to 40 seated people.
My coworkers have been recruited for their ability to speak several languages, for their sanitary knowledge, and because they are curious and easy-going.

This year, we decided to make our restaurant even more responsible thanks to the use of ceramic plate with steal cutlery. We will wash it instead of dumping it. We also want to make a thorough work on the disposable things we use.
We only work with fresh vegetable that we cook on site. The eggs and cheese are purchased from a bulk shop, and the ham is cut at the last moment. We also try to use the minimal amount of packaged products in the preparation of our crepes and we only use reusable packaging.
About the energy, our truck is equiped with solar panel, which can help to provide the stall in sustainable energy.

The size of the stall we need is 8m (width) x 9m (length).
Please find some pictures of the stall, and the menu of the